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          CCTV National Brand Initiative: “Boonie Bears” Family Run

          From:      Date:2021-05-18      Views:55648

          China Central Television (CCTV) recently reported on the interactive experience and the popularity of the “Boonie Bears Family Run” game on its “Brand Initiative” program. This is a major activity in Fantawild parks in spring and summer, and hundreds of thousands of families have attended.

          Parent-Kid Game for Better Family Time

          This year’s “Fantawild Fun Run” is themed around “happy running in Fantawild” to advocate quality family time. Many interactive games are designed to let families do outdoor exercise with figures from the “Boonie Bears” family.

          A Mr. Zhang who lives in the city of Tianjin drove 2 hours to attend the fun run with his ten-year-old son. He verbalized the words on many parents’ minds, “I don’t have much time at home due to work, so I hope to spend more time with my kid through activities like this”.

          Fantawild parks designed different schedules and interactive games for children of different ages. Mr. Wang from the city of Jingzhou was quite satisfied with the arrangement, “My kid is only 3 years old. I heard Fanatwild designed fun games for very little kids, so I came here for that particular reason.”

          Discounted Ticket Packages to Offer Multiple Surprises

          While Fantawild is hosting the fun run, visitors can buy ticket packages for this activity on the phone App “Fantawild Tourism”. By purchasing through the app one adult can bring a ticket-free child into the park. They will also have the chance to win mysterious and valuable prizes, including gifts from the run or annual passes for Fantawild’s parks.

          Fantawild aims to offer quality family time and let more families participate in the “happy run”. Fantawild strives to offer a warm, loving, and happy experience to parents and children. Besides the fun run, many Fantawild parks, including the parks in Wuhu and Zhuzhou, will soon have themed night activities to allow families to spend more time together.

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