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          Fancy Costumes Adding to the Chinese Element for Fantawild Parks During the May Holidays

          From:      Date:2021-05-21      Views:61041

          Fantawild parks were a good choice for the May holidays. Fantawild parks all around China organized themed activities for these holidays. Many parks hosted the “Fancy Chinese Costumes” event to add to the theme of Chinese culture and bring visitors a new experience.

          Traditional Costumes and Music Presenting the Charm of Chinese Culture

          In the daytime visitors could go to Chinese culture themed fairs and see floats, while at nighttime they could see traditional Chinese costumes and watch firework shows. During this holiday, Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage park hosted a “fancy Chinese costume” activity with a famous organizer for the show. Two famous promoters for Chinese culture, Huang Jingxiang and Yang Fuyu,were invited, as well as nearly 100 popular figures in the domain of Chinese costumes, and more than 20 well-known brands of Chinese costumes.

          Wuhu Fantawild Oriental Heritage park invited popular people in the realm of Chinese costumes, and designed 6 interactive activities, including a costume show, a Chinese culture themed fair, a Chinese food street, a clothes changing event, and more. The park also brought visitors a unique experience with drone firework shows.

          Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage park hosted a “Chinese Music Festival” with the song website www.kuwo.cn. Popular singers for Chinese songs were invited to the park during the holiday, including Zhisuxi, Xiaohun,Shaonianshuang, and more. The park in Ningbo also brought visitors a special performance. It used traditional Chinese instruments to play modern music,giving ancient sounds a new vigor.  

          Hot Air Balloon and Animation Activity Brought More Fun

          There were other unique activities in Fantawild parks during the holiday. The park in Shenyang held the first “Fantawild Hot Air Balloon Festival” and model plane show, allowing visitors to view the park scenery from a bird’s eye view, creating unique memories. The park in Jiayuguan recreated scenes from the movie Boonie Bears: The Wild Life in the family-friendly area“Boonie Bear Valley.” The park in Zhengzhou held a “Fantawild Animation Carnival” where visitors could find well-known figures and elements of four famous Chinese cartoons in the park.

          Visitors could also seek fun in the castle light show of the Fantawild park in Tai’an, the “nostalgias train” in the park in Tianjin,and the original stage performance “Tales from the Jungle.”in Qingdao.

          With splendid costumes, a bird’s eye view of park and light shows, Fanatwild’s parks offered fun activities to visitors during the May holidays and became a popular destination with an array of attractions and high-quality service.  

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