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          Ganzhou Fantawild Glorious Orient Park Opens A New Experience for Visitors

          From:      Date:2021-06-04      Views:74491

          On May 28th, a new Fantawild park, Glorious Orient, opened in the city of Ganzhou. It is the first hi-tech theme park in China themed around the recent history of the country as well as the ruling communist party. Officials from the provincial and municipal governments, representatives from Fantawild, and nearly 100 reporters from both local and influential media outlets, attended the opening ceremony. Drum beats, music, and colorful banners added to the merriment of the ceremony. Many guests and visitors witnessed the opening of the new park.

          The Park drew lots of media attention that day. Many TV stations, newspapers, and websites reported this event in detail, and many individuals shared the event on social media.

          The new park was jointly invested in by Fantawild as well as the municipal government of Ganzhou. It is the first Fantawild park in Jiangxi province, as well as Fantawild’s first theme park with the theme of recent Chinese history. The Park is located on Fantawild Avenue, Zhanggong District of Ganzhou. It occupies an area of about 400,000 square meters, with a total investment exceeding 3 billion CNY. The Park has more than 10 unique indoor themed attractions, over 20 outdoor attractions, and hundreds of landscape designs, restaurants, and shops. The Park can receive over 3 million visitors per year and is a magnificent modern theme park.

          The new park is themed around China’s recent history over the past century, and contains 6 themed areas and many themed attractions. It fully depicts the founding of New China and the country’s modernization, and presents the distinct culture from that period of time, giving visitors a unique experience.

          Advanced Technology Gives Visitors an Immersive Experience

          As the second one in the “Beautiful China” trilogy, which contains 3 types of theme parks, the new park makes good use of cutting edge technologies such as AR, VR, HD huge screens,and spherical screens to present some well-known stories in immersive attractions, including Zhiyuan, Heroine, Glorious Orient, Railroad Warriors, The Glorious Years, and more.

          To fully present the unique culture of China’s recent history, the new park is divided into 6 themed areas,including Dynasty's Mark, Urban Memory, Remarkable Days, Time of Change, Soaring Dreams, and Happy Bay. Visitors can “travel back in time” to Ruijin Street where slogans of the communist party can be seen, to Shanghai Street where foreign goods could be found everywhere, to Peking Street where there is a touch of Beijing culture, or to the busy Hong Kong Street.  

          The New Park and It’s Themed Attractions Attracted Many Visitors on First Day of Opening

          Thousands of visitors entered the park on the first day of opening. Themed attractions suitable for all ages,including Old Summer Palace, Heroine, Zhiyuan, Glorious Orient, The GloriousYears, Let's Fly, Railroad Warriors, Hangar Breakout, were very popular among visitors.

          In the indoor rafting attraction Zhiyuan, visitors got on boats to witness fierce sea battles and the legendary life of the cruiser Zhiyuan. The attraction is based on this well-known ship in the ancient navy. Visitors were presented historic events during their ride, from the rise of westernization, to the purchase of the ship, to the eruption of naval war and the sinking of the cruiser, as well as the patriotic and adventurous spirit embodied by this cruiser.

          Glorious Orient is a 3D theater with a huge screen. It can hold up to one thousand people. The seats were full on the day of the park’s opening. This theater adopts new audio and video technology to present to visitors the history of China’s industrialization. It was the first time that the high definition and colored video of the ceremony of the founding of New China was shown on a screen with a size of no less than 1000 square meters, presenting visitors an immersive experience.

          Let’s Fly is a flight simulation and is the “star attraction” of the park. It boasts a huge spherical screen that is 5 stories high, magnificent film, and flexible,suspending seats. The attraction allows visitors to “fly” over China, taking them to see famous mountains and rivers, picturesque landscapes, the Three Gorges Dam, the impressive Beijing Daxing International Airport, as well as other achievements in China’s modernization.

          The 4D ride Railroad Warriors and indoor attraction Hangar Breakout were favorites among young people in pre-opening activities. Many visitors went straight to experience these two popular attractions after they entered the park. The immersive battles and interactive games excited visitors, who witnessed thrilling battles. They either followed the characters to help guerill as explode bridges and seize supplies or went through barrages of bullets to get into enemy camps.  

          Fighter Jet is a catapult type of roller coaster from the famous manufacturer Vekoma and is a favorite among thrill seekers. The roller coaster is themed as an aircraft carrier. Visitors will board and experience taking off and landing. The highest speed can reach 92 kilometers per hour. Visitors will scream their way all through the speed,twisting, and other thrilling motions of this ride.

          The family friendly, Boonie Bears themed attraction Bears' Mission was popular among families on the park’s opening day. Parents and children both enjoyed the attraction. Attractions such as Boonie Garden, Boonie Sports, and Jet Ski Jam are also favorites among children.

          “One-stop” Experience Pleases Families

          The new park has an array of restaurants and hundreds of landscape designs. Visitors can find well-known food and beverage brands such as Qing Feng Steamed Buns, H?agen-Dazs, Hui Lau Shan, Wen He You, Gu Ming, and more. Visitors can also find local food from Jiangxi province in the park, such as Ningdu meat balls, stewed soup in earthenware jars,sticky rice cake, Ruijin beef soup, and more. There’s also a distinct Boonie Bears Burger House, which is only found in Fantawild parks. The restaurant blends in elements of the popular animation Boonie Bears, and there’s also a children’s playground inside. The restaurant is favored by both parents and children.

          The Park also provides shopping services. Merchandise authorized by Fantawild, including those with “Boonie Bears” elements, are popular among kids. There are also many cultural products,adding a “Chinese flavor” for the trip to the park.

          As the first Fantawild park in Jiangxi province, Glorious Orient provides a one-stop shop for tours, food, beverage,and shopping. The Park also provides high-quality entertainment services to visitors. With its many themed attractions, unique landscape, and elements of Chinese culture, this park is expected to be an important tourist attraction,relating to China’s recent history in Ganzhou and Jiangxi province, after its opening.

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