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          A New Fantawild Park Open on July 9th in Ningbo

          From:      Date:2021-07-09      Views:42495

          The First Theme Park in Eastern China Themed Around the Country’s Recent History

          The opening of a new park, Ningbo Fantawild Glorious Orient, now mean that the city of  Ningbo has two Fantawild parks. Since the first Fantawild park, Fantawild Oriental Heritage (the first one in the “Beautiful China Trilogy” series),opened in 2016, it has received over 16 million visitors. The park is widely recognized both at home and abroad, and has been on the top 20 list for theme parks in the Asian-Pacific region for three consecutive years, according to The Global Attractions Attendance Report.

          The new park, also the second one in the “Beautiful China Trilogy” series, has been mutually invested in by Fantawild Holdings Inc. and the local government of Hangzhou Bay New District. It’s the first high-tech theme park in eastern China themed around the recent history of the country. The Park is next to the other Fantawild park. The total investment for the new park is 3 billion CNY, with an area of 400,000 square meters. The park contains more than 10 unique indoor attractions, over 20 outdoor attractions, as well as hundreds of landscape designs, restaurants, and shops. It can receive over 3 million visitors per year.

          The new park is themed around the struggles Chinese people faced over a century. It contains 6 themed areas and adopts cutting edge technology to fashion a series of immersive and interactive attractions, presenting to visitors a unique experience, as well as China’s recent history of seeking independence and modernization.

          Advanced Technology Enables Immersive Experience

          Unlike the traditional tour of this theme which usually involves field visits and interpretation from a tour guide,the new park makes full use of advanced technology such as AR, VR, huge high-definition screens, and spherical screens to present visitors classic and heroic stories through immersive attractions like Zhi Yuan, Heroine, Glorious Orient, and Railroad Warriors.

          The theater show Old Summer Palace takes visitors back to the turbulent 19th century to witness the magnificent Summer Palace and revisit that eventful period. In the indoor rafting attraction Zhi Yuan, visitors will be able to board on boats to witness the legendary life of the cruiser Zhi Yuan. The attraction is basedon this well-known ship in the ancient navy. Visitors can learn about historic events during their ride, from the rise of westernization, to the purchase of the cruiser, to the eruption of naval war and the sinking of the ship, as well as the patriotic and adventurous spirit embodied by this cruiser.

          The indoor stage performance Heroine depicts the touching stories from several women through novel performance, presenting visitors their spirit of patriotism during the times of turmoil.  

          The 4D ride Railroad Warriors and indoor attraction Hangar Breakout will allow visitors to follow the characters on screens to help guerillas attack enemy’s airports and train stations. In this attraction visitors can experience fierce battle and the time of war.

          There are also many attractions in the new park which will enable visitors to witness China’s rapid development and people’s happiness. Glorious Orient is a 3D theater with a huge screen. It depicts the tortuous course of  China’s rise in recent history, the exploration of modernization and the country’s achievement. The stage performance The Glorious Years selects some popular and classic songs in the recent 70 years and presents them with switchable stages. Visitors will be able to revisit the“good, old times”. Let’s Fly is a dome theater. The attraction allows visitors to “fly” over China, taking them to see famous mountains and rivers,picturesque landscapes, the Three Gorges Dam, some engineering marvels, as well as other achievements in China’s rapid development.

          One-stop”  Experience Pleases Families and Visitors of  Different Ages

          The new park provides entertainment, food and beverage, and themed performances to visitors. It boasts hundreds of landscape designs and restaurants. Young people can enjoy thrilling attractions such as Fighter Jet, which is the newest catapult type of roller coaster, while the elderly can find fun in performances. Children can play in attractions suitable for their age too. The park will satisfy the need sof visitors of different ages, and is an ideal destination for family time.

          The new park not only has an array of well-known food and beverage brands such as Qing Feng Steamed Buns,H?agen-Dazs, Five People Dessert Shop, Gu Ming, and more, but also has many local tastes from the Zhejiang province like Chinese style baked roll and marinated duck heads. The Park also has a unique “People’s Canteen” with an architecture style that matches the theme of the park. It’s expected to be a popular place for visitors to find delicious food. Moreover, the park has a Boonie Bears Burger House, which caters to families. The restaurant blends in elements of the popular animation Boonie Bears, and there’s also a children’s play ground inside.

          The park has many pseudo-classic buildings and settings. It has 6 themed areas and many themed streets such as HongKong Street, Shanghai Street, and Peking Street. It’s expected to be a popular place for taking pictures。

          Come and have a unique experience at Fantawild Glorious Orient! This new park will provide fun for visitors of different age groups. In the future, this park along with the Oriental Heritage and another new theme park in the “Beautiful China Trilogy” series will boost the tourism industry for the city of Ningbo and Zhejiang province. Along with these parks the tourism destination “Boonie Bears Town” which will include animation base, extracurricular camps, food town, and a hotel, will also help to boost the tourism industry.

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