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          A New Fantawild Park Opens in Taiyuan. Hi-tech Presents the Charm of Chinese Culture

          From:      Date:2021-07-28      Views:40851

          On July 23rd, the city of  Taiyuan opened its first high-tech theme park, Fantawild Oriental Heritage.

          Entertainment Combines with Advanced Technology to Make a Landmark in Shanxi

          The new park is located on No.1 Hua Qiang Middle Road, Yangqu County. It occupies an area of nearly 400,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 3 billion CNY. The Park can receive more than 3 million visitors per year. There are 11 unique themed indoor attractions and 32 outdoor attractions, as well as more than 200 landscape designs, restaurants, and shops.

          This is the second Fantawild park in Shanxi province after Datong Fantawild Adventure. This new park is themed around Chinese history and culture. It cleverly blends mythology,folk tales, and local culture to present visitors with a fantastic oriental world filled with innovation and technology.

          Thanks to Fantawild’s innovative ideas, successful experience, and mature business status in the theme park industry, this new park will help boost the development and integration of the cultural and tourism industries in Taiyuan. It will ultimately become a new landmark in the Shanxi province.

          Cutting Edge Technology Presents Five Thousand Years of Culture

          This new park adopts many cutting-edge technologies such as a flight simulation theater, panoramic AR, comprehensive tracks, 4D dynamic special effects, programmable blocks, and more.This Park combines live performance and other technology to provide visitors with an immersive experience presenting five thousand years of Chinese culture.

          On the dark ride The Legend of  Nüwa, visitors will embark on an adventure to save humankind.  They will follow Nüwa to the ancient world and fight against two gods to get the five-colored stone and mend the broken heavens.

          The attraction Lady Meng Jiang is adapted from one of the famous love stories in China. Fantawild dug into the story and presents it with a live performance and modern stage special effects. This theater can hold more than one thousand people.This stage combines unique programmable blocks with modern technology to recreate a scene of the Great Wall caving in, presenting audiences with a touching story that is a feast for the eyes and ears.

          Marvels of Chinese Culture is a huge 3D theater, and suitable for visitors of all ages.The screen is as large as 1,000 square meters, and the film is about the upsand downs of Chinese civilization.

          Along with the above attractions, visitors can also feel the charm of Chinese culture in the flight simulation theater Let's Fly, the indoor boat ride River of Tales, the track ride Magic Gallery, and the holographic theater The Butterfly Lovers.

          Thrill seekers will love any of the three following attractions: the roller coaster The Stag's Gauntlet,the 26 m high water rafting attraction Braving Kunlun Mountains, or the wet adventure The Legend of King Yu. Each will bring you a memorable experience.

          One-stop Experience Brings in Many Visitors

          Nearly 10 thousand visitors from Taiyuan and the surrounding areas came to the new park on the first day of opening. The visitors were met with attractions suitable for different age groups, ancient landscape designs and great service. In addition,the park acted as a one-stop for shopping, entertainment, and delicious food.Many visitors thought of the park as a first choice for a family vacation.

          Visitors tried many famous snacks and local food in the park. Chinese and western style fast food are also provided to cater to visitors from difference places. In the distinct Fantawild restaurant Boonie Bears Burger House, visitors can find burgers, chicken rolls, and other food. Families can also play with Briar and Bramble in the restaurant.

          Various shops in the park also attracted many visitors. Fantawild licensed merchandise and Boonie Bears goods were popular among kids, while goods with Chinese elements were favored by many young people.

          During the summer holiday, the new park will extend its business hours to 9 p.m. and put on night performances. There are also light shows and fireworks.

          Deeply rooted in the Chinese and local culture, the new park will become a new and important destination in Taiyuan. With its distinct themes, innovation, and attractions for visitors of all ages, this Park will help boost the local economy and satisfy people’s needs for entertainment.

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