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          October Holiday Celebrations at Fantawild Parks Covered by Media

          From:      Date:2021-10-19      Views:8652

          Many Fantawild parks hosted special events during October’s ‘Golden Week’ holiday which celebrated the anniversary of the founding of New China. Events included choir performances and firework displays. Visitors joined in with celebrations and media outlets such as China Media Group, Xinhua News, and People’s Daily featured the parks in their reports.

          During the holiday, CCTV (China Central Television) news channel covered the themed choir at the Fantawild park in the city of Ningbo. The channel also recognized the park in Jiayuguan as the“largest theme park with modern technology in north western China”. Visitors of all ages happily enjoyed the picturesque scenery and themed attractions on offer at Fantawild parks.

          Fantawild has successfully developed a new series of parks, Fantawild Glorious Orient, themed around the country’s road to modernization. They have been well received by the media. The People’s Daily and Xinhua News agree that the Glorious Orient park in the city of Ganzhou “offers visitors a new perspective on China’s modernization with immersive and interactive attractions and unique landscape designs”.

          Many Fantawild parks put on themed activities during the holiday to present visitors with the charm of Chinese culture. These included performances, parades and drone shows. Media outlets in provinces such as Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, and Anhui reported on these activities.

          In recent years, Fantwaild parks have garnered much media attention, especially during holidays. Press coverage of such activities acknowledge Fantawild’s aim to innovate while promoting culture and improving visitors’ experience. As a leading player in China’s entertainment and tourism industry, Fantawild will continue to “create a happier world” as part of its core mission. By combining heritage with technology to present Chinese culture, Fantawild will continue to contribute to the development of the industry across China.

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