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          Animated Programs
          Fantawild extracts and infuses the rich Chinese culture in to its original animation. Its characters in those animation
          are imbued with the spirits of modern times and positive personalities. "Fantawild" has become a well-known
          animation brand in China. Its animation has been broadcast on over 200 TV stations in China, including China
          Central Television Children's Channel. The animation can also be found on the most visited video sharing
          sites in China, such as iQIYI, Youku, LeTV, QQ Live, and Sohu, with the most hits in the category of
          cartoons and animation. Until now, Fantawild has exported a total of 200,000 minutes of animation
          to over 100 countries and territories, including the US, Italy, Russia, Singapore, and more.
          Some of those animated programs are broadcast on Nickelodeon, Disney, and other
          mainstream media worldwide, with high ratings as well as lots of coverage by foreign
          media online.

          Adhering to the theme of “nature, environmental protection, health and happiness”, Fantawild deeply explores
          and conveys positive elements such as family, friendship, growth, hope, bravery and happiness.Since 2014, Fantawild
          Animation has continuously launched six original animated films from the Boonie Bears series, which have
          achieved great success in domestic screenings with the total box office reaching nearly $377 million,
          breaking several industry records. Among them, Fantastica, with $78 million at domestic box office,
          once again broke through what is considered by the industry as the ceiling of family-friendly
          animated films. It has been screened in theaters in Turkey, Russia, South Korea, the
          Philippines, Latin America, South Africa and other countries and territories, all of which
          have received excellent box office results.In May 2017, the English version of Fantastica
          was first shown at the 70th Cannes Film Festival and was highly praised by industry insiders. Released on the first day of 2019 Chinese new year, the 6th animated film Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past took in more than $97 million at the box office, breaking the records of all other Boonie Bears animated films. Five dialect versions of the film dubbed in Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi, Hunan, and Cantonese were also released and well-received by the audience.

          Fantawild animated programs have taken home the "Best Works Award" issued by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee for two successive years, Government Awards for Chinese Culture and Art – Animation Award, the 1st Prize for the "Best Chinese Cartoons" issued by the State Board, and the honorable title "National Famous Animation Brand". On the international arena, Fantawild also makes outstanding performances. It has won the Kids Jury Awards at MIP Junior in Cannes, France, the Pulcinella Awards at Cartoons on the Bay, Italy, a Platinum and a Gold Remi Awards at the WorldFest-Huston International Film Festival, the nomination for Cine Kids Award in Busan International Film Festival, and the selection for the final contest of the "Annecy Cristal for Best Feature Film" and the MIPJunior International Pitch Finalists in 2015. All of these honors and awards have further established Fantawild as an international brand.

          Based on its diversified industrial pattern, Fantawild realizes the perfect combination of animation, culture-tech theme parks, special effects films, live performances, game software, and consumer products, which consist of a well-established industrial chain. Fantawild expands its potential market in an effective way and boosts cooperation with many famous brands in various fields. Up to now, Fantawild has applied its animation brands to over 20 categories of products, covering home supplies, food & beverages, stationery, toys, sports goods, apparel, mobile phone games, and so on. Its authorized partners include Yili Group, Kraft Foods, and Baleno, just to name a few. All of these endeavors succeed in increasing the added value of Fantawild's brands.

          15F, 16 Ke Yan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
          86-755-6682 6666
          Stock Code: 834793
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